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Ship Name: St. Katherine; Sailed: 1890-Late 1920s; Type: Wood 3-masted; Built by: Bath, Maine by Flint & Co.; Dimensions: 202.8' x 39.3' x 19.1'; Tonnage: 1264 tons.


St. Katherine was a trim little ship that traded for the Flints for a number of years, and then owing to her size, purchased into the Welch fleet operating out of San Francisco. All of the Welch ships were modest in size, and they traded with Hawaii and the west coast hauling sugar and coal. In 1908, the Captain W. Matson purchased the entire Welch fleet consisting of St. Katherine, George Curtis, Amy Turner, Gerard C. Tolsey, Mohican, R. P. Rithet, and Andrew Welch. Later St. Katherine became part of San Francisco shipper F. B. Peterson’s Alaska salmon contingent. Laid up at Antioch with Hecla, B.P. Cheney, and Pactolus, the quartet was painted by Charles Robert Patterson in the mid 1920s. Antioch was a favorite for wooden ships owing to the fresh water there flowing down to San Pablo Bay. This photograph shows St. Katherine in 1920 laid up at Oakland Creek while owned by Peterson.


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