Jenni Brandon: Colorist Landscape Composer Three Selected Works for Oboe



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This project examines three contrasting works, featuring the oboe by award- winning American composer, Jenni Brandon. A champion of writing new music for the oboe, Brandon has composed thirteen works from 2003 to 2016, ranging from unaccompanied solo works to woodwind chamber ensemble. Brandon is highly influenced by her surrounding landscapes and paints vivid musical pictures. Apart from being emotionally impactful, Brandon’s works are enriched with color, lyricism, and technical demand. This document focuses on three selected oboe works by Brandon: On Holt Avenue (2006), In the City at Night (2008), and The Sequoia Trio (2008). It presents a biographical sketch of the composer, surveys of the works, compositional process and provide performance practice considerations. It is hoped that this research will continue to increase awareness of the composer, provide performers a better understanding on approaching the selected work, while promoting individual expression.

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