Insight to El Sistema practices at the Music Learning Center of San Antonio, Texas



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Research while engaged as an active participant in the study, can provide a prospective that might be unavailable from a strictly outsider’s view. For smaller programs or programs that might be just starting up an insider’s viewpoint gives the reader something to grasp or something with which to identify as they navigate their own programs and organizations. This dissertation describes the journey of one researcher as she moved from an outsider role to an insider role during her inquiry into one American version of an El Sistema inspired program in San Antonio, Texas.

Using qualitative methodology which includes interviews, observations, and the study of printed documents, a narrative was created to describe a program designed to provide students on the west side of San Antonio, Texas access to rigorous, high quality music education in strings based on the Venezuelan youth orchestra model called El Sistema. Prospective provided in this study will be able to offer others in the nonprofit arts education field a chance to find similarities of experience in an attempt to offer pathways to success for their organizations.



El Sistema, San Antonio, Texas