Crosbyton retirement village


With the advancements of modern technology in the fields of medicine the population of the elderly has been steadily on the incline since World War II. However, along with technological advances of modern times, a change in the family unit structure is apparent in that the nucleus family unit no longer feels the responsibility for the elderly in the family and subsequently left on their own or to society; thus increasing the fear of loneliness and reducing close human contact which requires a solution wherein the needs of the independent elderly are to be met and dealt with in a fashion which should be flexible enough to customly fit each individual which comes in contact with the problem at hand. The needs and requirements of the individuals which will be dealt with are classified into three basic categories; those who wish to remain in their present homes but require or desire care or needs which could be provided by such facilities; those who require the close attentive care of the facilities but wish to remain fairly self-sufficient (food, cooking, etc.) possible by on site independent housing; those who require close attention that a full time service could offer; food, housekeeping help, therapeutical and around the clock medical attentiveness. These facilities would be available in all respects to each category of occupation and allow and encourage them to be an active participant in the community through programs and provided access to the functions in the community.



Retirement communities -- Design, Crosbyton (Tex.)