Apparel marketing to adolescents: Insights for manufacturers and retailers



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The purposes of this study were to illustrate the psychological need for peer acceptable clothing for male and female adolescents; to show the need for expansion of selection and availability of clothing for male and female adolescents; and to determine the influences of male and female adolescents on personal clothing apparel purchases. Using a self-administered questionnaire developed by the researcher, demographic information and information • concern~ng clothing availability pertaining to selection and size, psychological need, and peer acceptability 0 ~n clothing and clothing purchase patterns were obtained. It was found that there are significant differences between males and females with regard to advice sought for apparel purchases, differences in the view of males and females regarding peer acceptable clothing, and where the adolescents prefer to shop. It was concluded that females like to shop, and express themselves through their apparel, while males prefer to dress like their friends. When adolescents shop, they shop with their parents but seek the opinions of their peers.