An exploration of the interrelationships of people, architecture, and nature



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Thesis Statement Architecture integrated with nature is a platform through which people can interrelate with nature. This platform, the designed environment, must become one with the landscape and entwine people with nature and nature with people. Through the composition of elements in juxtaposition to and interrelationship with the surroundings, architecture heightens human interaction with nature. Scope The Petit Jean Re-Discovery Point, The Point is a place for one to reacquaint oneself with nature. This architectural environment should encourage visitors to think and meditate on how humans fit in the scope of nature. To further develop this concept, through architectural design, temporary residences for five artists are to be designed to encourage artists them to create and express their discoveries. Context The location, on a mountain top with views of the surrounding landscape, provides the greatest consideration for this project. The site for The Point is in the Petit Jean Arkansas State Park. This location encourages visitors of The Point to reencounter thoughts that may have be forgotten. These thoughts should be influenced by the views and the interaction with nature through the visual, tactile, sonic, and olfactory senses.



Architecture -- Human factors, Architectural design -- Psychological, Architecture -- Environmental aspects, Organic architecture