Operating Report for Radioisotopic Power Generators of the U.S. Navy, Volume 7, Number 2.



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U.S. Naval Nuclear Power Unit, Fort Belvoir, Virginia



Summary: The objective of the report is to serve as a vehicle for the accumulation and dissemination of information concerning the application and operation of radioisotopic power generators (RPGs) within the Navy. It will be noted that all RPGs presently listed are radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTGs). Unless specifically identified as an engineering evaluation, items contained in this report are presented as an impartial collection of facts, observations and other information. The East Coast RPG Surveillance Facility (SURFAC) located at the Naval Nuclear Power Unit, Fort Belvoir, was placed operational on 1 June 1973. Three Sentinel 25-D's were placed operational on a tower operated by the Naval Coastal Systems Laboratory of the coast of Panama City, Florida. Three Sentinel 25-E's were recovered from the Amchitka Island, Alaska area and turned over to the U.S. Navy by the AEC. The AEC turned over the development SNAP-23A to the U.S. Navy. Eight Gulf one-watt RPG's were procured by the U.S. Navy. (Author).


Radioisotope batteries, Radioactive isotopes, Electric generators, Radioisotope thermoelectric devices, Naval equipment