Prodigy studios: A study of the relationhip between timbre and light


Architecture becomes an expression of the musical property, timbre, which visually is experienced through the perception of light. Theory: Timbre, in music, is described as, "...the property or attribute Q < I I* Q f t of auditor/sensation ...ttiatchanses the character of a sound." Since the perception of auditory and visual stimuli are closely linked, it follows that lisht can change the character of a space. There are numerous factors which can affect these impressions, but for the purposes of this thesis they will be limited to contrast, intensity, and visual color temperature. Therefore, by understanding and manipulating these factors, an appropriate behavioral response can be evoked which will affect the visual impressions of that space. p r O ^ i g y s f u ^ i o S context and Facinty: The vehicle for testing this thesis proposal will be a recording studio complex, where up to 10 musicians and their producer will have the ability to sequester themselves from their fans and the media. The site for this complex is located in the rural forest area surrounding Los Alamos, New Mexico. This site is ideal, since it is located in the vicinity of a small town that is not plagued by excessive tourism and is remote. Therefore, the musicians can concentrate on producing music without distraction.



Architecture, Sound studios, Architectural acoustics