Influence of site characteristics and phenology on carbohydrate trends in broom snakeweed (Xanthocephalum sarothrae)



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Texas Tech University


This study was conducted at five locations in Lea County» New Mexico and one in Lubbock, Texas on broom snakeweed. The soils involved in the study ranged from a sandy to a loam. The objectives of this study were three-fold: (1) to estimate the trend of total nonstructural carbohydrate (TNC) concentration throughout the year; (2) to correlate changes in the TNC concentration of snakeweed with phenological stages; and (3) to correlate the infltience of environmental parameters with changes in TNC. Environmental parameters studied included soil temperature, relative himiidity and soil moisture. Phenological stages were also recorded. To increase the effectiveness of herbicides and thus to improve range condition, knowledge of the relationship of environmental conditions at the time of spraying, the phenological development, and the physiological conditions of the plant are fundamental.



Carbohydrates, Broom snakeweed, Phenology