Biological value of grain sorghum with and without supplementation



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Texas Tech University


Increased awareness of the scope of the problems of feeding the constantly growing world population has been made apparent through information available from many sources which are striving to solve the problems on an Integrated basis. Anaphase has been placed on the necessity of the development of foods readily available in the local area, community, or nation which can help, especially the underdeveloped areas or communities, to meet the nutritional needs in order for them to become capable of being contributing members in the community. Within this concept Scrimshaw and coworkers (I) have recommended that any food products developed should be tested by four types of biological trials Including the testing of both the components and products on at least two animal species and the demonstration of the biological value of the protein content by animal growth studies. This study is, therefore, an investigation of the quality of protein in grain sorghum without and with the addition of protein rich foods available through surplus food commodities which offer the most desirable supplement to grain sorghum. The determination of the growth rate of rats on a diet of sorghum and sorghum supplemented with either nonfat dried milk or dried whole egg or a combination of these two foods was made to evaluate the use of grain sorghum in the development of a low cost food product.



Sorghum, Grain