Building New Lives: Texas's Refugees and Implications for Family and Consumer Sciences Educators


Texas is a top destination for refugee resettlement, yet there is limited discussion on how Family and Consumer Sciences educators and practitioners can help address the unique needs of refugee adults and children in the state. Many novice and experienced educators must implement quality learning settings to support the needs of refugee learners as they adapt to their new environment. This paper describes refugee resettlement and implications for FCS educators and practitioners based on the FCS Body of Knowledge and the National Standards for Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences (NATEFACS).


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Family and Consumer Sciences Education, Refugees, Community Resources, Integration, Diversity and Inclusion


Tuliao, M. D., Njoh, G., Hough, T. D., & de Guzman, M. R. T. (2022). Building new lives: Texas's refugees and implications for family and consumer sciences educators. TAFCS Research Journal, 9(1), 5-29.