Separation of the isotopes of neon by thermal diffusion



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Texas Tech University


The possibility of thermal diffusion in gases appeared for the first time as a theoretical prediction in a paper by Enskog (1) in 1911, Enskog's paper was concerned with the extension of the kinetic theory of gases to the ease of gases in non-equilibrium states. A particular term in an equation indicated that if there existed a temperature gradient across a mixture of gases, a concentration gradient of the eonponent gases would appear. Chapman (2), working independently on the same problem, predicted the same phenomenon in his results published in 1912. The approach which Chapman used was completely different from that of Enskog. The theory was verified experimentally by Chapman and Dootson (3) in 1917, The effect agreed in sign and magnitude with the predictions of the theory.



Neon isotopes, Isotopes, Neon, Neon isotope separation, Thermal diffusivity