Alamo Center: A mixed-use facility



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The adaptive use project is the Alamo Cement Plant in San Antonio, Texas. This design will involve the renovation of some of the existing structures, demolition of others, design of new linking structures, and the use of plazas and landscaping throughout the site in such a way that conflict will be minimal to the community and proper respect will be shown to the historical landmarks that exist. This abandoned cement plant will be a new mixed-use facility that will be oriented around plaza areas that incorporate the industrial context with indigenous landscaping to create a tourist/community/festive atmosphere, including a market, multiplex theater, amphitheater, food court, offices, and a restaurant/night club. The main focus is to convert these old industrial structures to usable exciting spaces that adhere to a strict code of honesty of expression of high tech motifs, to establish a center that will give people of all ages a feeling of belonging, and a place to fulfill their leisure time. This facility will concentrate on using the existing structures and materials in new and innovative ways to integrate the facility with its natural and built environment within this industrial context. Therefore, function and representation, engineering and architecture will be delicately balanced



Architecture, Multipurpose buildings -- Design, Cement plants -- Remodeling for other use, San Antonio (Tex.)