High Power Microwave Breakdown of C4F7N (Novec 4710) Gas Mixtures



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The quest for sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) as an insulating gas in high voltage applications has prompted extensive research efforts in recent years. Among the promising alternatives, C4F7N has emerged as a potential candidate due to its superior insulation and dielectric properties. While previous research concerning breakdown characteristics of C4F7N has been mainly focused on long-timescale DC and 60 Hz AC conditions, this thesis aims to investigate the breakdown behavior of C4F7N under high power microwave (HPM) conditions and establish a correlation with SF6. The breakdown strength of gas mixtures comprised of 5%, 10%, and 20% C4F7N in a N2 or CO2 background were examined under pulsed, microsecond HPM conditions at room temperature, spanning a pressure range of 16 psia to 32 psia (110.3 kPa to 220.6 kPa). This thesis provides comprehensive background information on HPM breakdown, outlines the development of the Texas Tech traveling-wave ring resonator, and presents an analysis of the dielectric strength of C4F7N based admixtures within the experimental system.

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Gas Breakdown, Dielectric Strength, High Power Microwave