Ultrasonic Clothes Washer/Dryer Combination for Moon, Mars, and ISS Applications



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2023 International Conference on Environmental Systems


Our study aims to investigate the effectiveness of an ultrasonic-based combo garment washing and drying system for space applications. Our system leverages our technological innovations in direct-contact ultrasonic fabric drying in combination with ultrasonic fabric washing. The main objective of this investigation is to gauge the effectiveness of washing and drying textile garments ultrasonically. In this paper, we will report the results of experiments conducted to assess the effectiveness of washing clothes ultrasonically, including ultrasonic intensity testing, stain removal testing, and fabric degradation testing. This study's outcome could lead to the production of an Ultra-Fast Ultrasonic Washer/Dryer Combination unit that would reduce clothing resupply costs for crewed missions to the moon, Mars, and the ISS.


Justin Ellis, Ultrasonic Technology Solutions, USA
Jonathan Bigelow, Ultrasonic Technology Solutions, USA
Connor Shelander, Ultrasonic Technology Solutions, USA
Dennis Chertkovsky, Ultrasonic Technology Solutions, USA
Michael Ewert, NASA Johnson Space Center(JSC), USA
Melissa McKinley, NASA Johnson Space Center(JSC), USA
Ayyoub Momen, Ultrasonic Technology Solutions, USA
ICES304: Physio-Chemical Life Support- Waste Management Systems- Technology and Process Development
The 52nd International Conference on Environmental Systems was held in Calgary, Canada, on 16 July 2023 through 20 July 2023.


Ultrasonic Clothes Washer, Ultrasonic Clothes Dryer, Life Support, direct contact ultrasonic drying