The effect of cadmium chloride on development of offspring from streptozocin-treated Sprague-Dawley rats



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Texas Tech University


Mature female nulliparous rats were exposed to CdCb in drinking water two weeks after a single IP injection of streptozocin (STZ), and bred to non-treated males. Cadmium exposure in the Fi pups continued through post-lactation to postnatal day (PND) 45. At PND 45, Fi animals were euthanized and plasma and selected organs were collected, weighed, and quickly frozen or placed in formalin for histological analysis. Cadmium chloride at lOOpM and 200 pM did not significantly reduce the body weight of pups from nonSTZ-treated dams. At 100 pM and 200 pM, CdCli reduced liver relative weight of pups from non-STZ treated dams. The lung, kidney, and testis weights of pups in both cadmium-exposed groups of non-STZ treated dams were similar to those of the control group. The parameters assessed in pups from STZ-treated dams were similar to those of control animals. Cadmium chloride at 200 pM significantly reduced the body weight of pups fi-om STZ-treated dams. An increase in heart weight was observed in the 100 pM CdCb group. Histologic analysis did not indicate any treatment related effect in testicular seminiferous tubule or renal corpuscle diameters. Cadmium chloride at 100 pM caused statistically insignificant reduction in kidney protein concentration in offspring of non-STZ-treated dams and reduced testicular protein concentration in offspring of STZtreated dams. Plasma testosterone and tetraiodothyronme levels were not significantly altered in any treated group. Significant differences in renal ACE activity were observed between offspring of non-STZ-treated dams exposed to 100 pM CdCb and those of STZtreated dams exposed to both levels of CdCb. Cadmium chloride at 100 pM caused a significant reduction in angiotensin I converting enzyme (ACE) activity in offspring of STZ-fi treated dams. The data indicate that gestational, lactational and post-lactational cadmium-exposure of pups firom dams treated with the diabetogen STZ results in minor signs of general toxicity at PND 45.



Chlorides in the body, Chlorides