The effect of cultural background on perceived service quality and guest’s satisfaction for hotel guests among Muslim pilgrim



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Consumer satisfaction and service quality are at the core of any business success, especially in hospitality and tourism industries. The ability to predict and customer satisfaction and set the right strategies to achieve it is an ultimate management and marketing pursuit. This study attempts on offering a new empirical evidence from a religious tourism destination of Mecca, Saudi Arabia in a high season. This study addresses the cultural diversity of the tourists their and investigates whether their perception of the service quality and their customer satisfaction can be different based on their cultural backgrounds. In specific, this study focuses on two major cultural backgrounds – Arabians and Asians. The results showed no statistically meaningful differences between the two groups. Furthermore, this study investigates the whether the different service quality dimensions (tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy) can predict customer satisfaction among those tourists, and whether the level of customer satisfaction can predict a re-patronage intention. The results suggest that the service quality dimensions except for the reliability factor can all significantly predict the customer satisfaction, and that customer satisfaction can significantly predict tourists’ re-patronage intentions. Finally, this study examines the impact of hotel hospitality practices on customer loyalty and customers word of mouth. The results suggest that hotel hospitality practices can significantly impact both.



Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction