Planning and carrying out educational tours and outings in vocational agriculture



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Texas Tech University


Fully realizing that educational tours, camping trips, and outings are not a required nor a fundamental part of Vocational Agriculture and Future Farmer work, the writer feels that these activities, properly conducted, will enrich any Future Farmer Program, Their common usage by FFA chapters across the nation signifies their value as a Future Farmer activity. With these facts in mind the following objectives are offered as a reason for writing this paper:

First, to review some of the literature written by recognized authorities in the field of camping and to accumulate some of the practices that will apply to Future Farmer camping trips, tours, and outings;

Second, to encourage more and better educational tours to be taken by Future Farmer chapters; and.

Third, the writer hopes that this piece of research work will find a usefulness to Vocational Agriculture teachers and others who are Interested in tours and outings as a part of Future Farmer activities.



School field trips, Agriculture