A case study: How digital native teachers use information technology to teach students



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While information communication technology has provided educators with new ways to teach today’s Digital Native students, the effective integration of technology into curriculum remains a challenge for many teachers. The research study investigates the application of technology in the instructional practices of five Digital Native elementary teachers in an independent K-12 district outside a major southwestern metropolitan area. Using descriptive case study design, the researcher made an inventory of classroom technology, conducted interviews with each of the participants, and analyzed classroom documents and district policies. The findings suggest that even Digital Native teachers face challenges in using newer Web 2.0 technologies in designing instruction for their students. They experience a digital dissonance between their personal and professional use of technology under standard district policies. Empowering Digital Native teachers to integrate their knowledge of content and pedagogy with technology skills offers a valuable resource for resolving the gap between information communication technology and curriculum in today’s schools.



Information Technology Communication, Teacher Use, Student At-Home Use, Digital Media