With Malice Toward None: The Metamorphosis Of Statutory And Common Law Protections For Physicians And Hospitals In Negligent Credentialing Litigation



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Texas Tech Law Review


Analyzes negligent credentialing of physicians and hospitals. The purpose of this article is to analyze the origin and status of the common law doctrine of negligent credentialing in Texas, the extent to which it has been modified by federal and Texas statutes, and the statutory protections afforded health care entities and practitioners that participate in good faith peer review.



Negligent credentialing, Doctors, Physicians, Hospitals, Health care, Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations, JCAHO, Corporate negligence, Liability, Health Care Quality Improvement Act of 1986, Common law protections, The Medical Practice Act, Texas Health & Safety Code Sections 161.031-161.033


22 Tex. Tech L. Rev. 157