Roll SEED Roll: An Architectural Assessment of a Spherical Mobile Habitat for Mars (SEED_Spherical Environment Exploration Device)



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46th International Conference on Environmental Systems


This paper aims to deliver the preliminary architectural assessment of a spherical mobile habitat for Mars surface missions, SEED (Spherical Environment Exploration Device) Appeared as one of the outcomes of MarsMobil Design Workshop in İzmir, Turkey, the spherical SEED design utilises a simple-but-challenging character of mobility and space. Based on a locomotion type of whole-body-rolling, SEED features a spherical layout, in which the habitable space is defined by a continuous surface. This spatial configuration offer different opportunities to its user for living in a compact habitat. Supplying a background of spherical-continuous loop habitat designs, the paper examines different options of locomotion system and their spatial and operational impacts. Ranging from the system scale down to details and human interaction solutions, the work takes possible integration into planetary architecture frames of major planetary exploration programs. The proposed work is structured on 3 segments, with focus on structure & locomotion, space and operation. Each segment presents the array of assessments conducted for the design development of SEED. The structure & locomotion segment conveys the options for the structural system ( i.e. inflatable, rigid, hybrid) and its integration with the locomotion system. The configuration, materials and the use of spherical interior are studied in the next segment, where the architectural know-how on spherical/continuous terrestrial designs is presented via examples. An evaluation of the space through human factors scope is a part of this segment. The operational features and the integration into possible mission architecture frames are brought to examination in the third segment of the paper. All design options will be presented via depictions and assessment charts.


yeditepe university
Istanbul Technical University
ICES502: Space Architecture
Vienna, Austria
Kursad Ozdemir, Yeditepe University, Turjkey
Suheyla Muge Halici, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
The 46th International Conference on Environmental Systems was held in Vienna, Austria, USA on 10 July 2016 through 14 July 2016.


mobile habitat, spherical habitat, mars, surface exploration, mobility