A parallel communication architecture for the language SequenceL / by Julian B. Russbach.



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Texas Tech University


SequenceL is a language that discovers all parallelisms in a program from the nature of its execution cycle. This suggests the language is a good candidate for execution in a distributed memory, high performance computing environment. However, unrestricted execution of SequenceL parallelisms in distributed memory can lead to problems of granularity and load imbalance associated with the distribution of fully parallelized program and data. This thesis is a proof of concept investigation into a token ring communication architecture to load balance SequenceL execution in a distributed memory environment. The thesis provides a background over previous work on SequenceL in distributed memory, research into dynamic load balancing and token rings, and a methodology for construction of the communication architecture. This thesis has achieved the following results: • A non-recursive C SequenceL interpreter written and tested on a set of SequenceL programs. • A working distributed memory communication architecture and parallelized SequenceL execution • A distributed memory representation of SequenceL • A method of enforcing persistent SequenceL data and programs • Performance measurements of SequenceL programs executed on the communication architecture



Magnetic memory (Computers), Ring networks (Computer networks), Programming languages (Electronic computers)