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Ship Name: Star of Lapland; Sailed: 1902-1936; Type: Steel 4-masted bark; Built by: Bath, Maine by A. Sewall & Company; Dimensions: 332.4' x 45.4' x 26.1'; Tonnage: 3381 tons.


The Star of Lapland, ex Atlas was a big ship by anyone’s standards, and possessed the unusual trait of fixed upper topsail yards. In addition, there was a bulwark to bulwark midship house which doubtless helped make the ship safer in heavy seas. Designed for the case oil trade, Atlas worked in this capacity (with one voyaging exception) until sold to the Alaska Packers Association at the end of 1910. Renamed Star of Lapland by the Alaska Packers Association, the ship went north to Alaska every year until 1927 when it was laid up in Alameda at the Packers yard. Sold to Japan for breaking in 1934, Star of Lapland made the one-way trip to Osaka and was broken up in 1936.


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