Keith Douglas Bohnet's Graduate Recital


Composers in the first graduate recital: Karl Pilss; Steven Paxton; A. Giffels; Paul Hindemith

Composers in the second graduate recital: Heinrich Schutz; Eugene Bozza; Jacques Casterede; Jan Koetsier

First Recital: Trombone

Second Recital: Trombone


Original Format: Cassette


Universities and Colleges Graduate Work, Thesis and Dissertation, Conservatories of Music, Concerts, Trombone, Pilss, Karl, 1902-1979, Paxton, Steven, Giffels, A. (Ann), Hindemith, Paul, 1895-1963, Schütz, Heinrich, 1585-1672, Bozza, Eugène, 1905-1991, Castérède, Jacques, 1926-2014, Koetsier, Jan, 1911-2006