Laser Directed Energy Deposition of Metal-based Wear-resistant Coating



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Wear-resistant coatings are commonly applied to metal surfaces to enhance their tribological characteristics and extend the lifespan of machinery and equipment. Laser Directed Energy Deposition (DED) technology represents a pivotal advancement in advanced manufacturing techniques, offering distinct advantages over conventional processing methods. These advantages encompass high energy density, minimal heat-affected zones, controllable thickness, dense cladding layers, particularly noteworthy metallurgical bonds between the cladding and substrate, as well as the capacity to selectively treat specific workpiece surfaces. In this dissertation, novel insights into the laser DED process for wear-resistant coatings were generated. The metal matrix composites (MMC) coatings and high entropy alloy (HEA) coatings were fabricated by laser DED process. The study delved into the impact of nanomaterials such as graphene oxide, as well as ceramics like TiC and B4C, on the wear resistance and hardness of MMC coatings. Additionally, the dissertation explored existing challenges associated with MMC coatings fabricated through laser DED and proposed corresponding solutions. Furthermore, it investigated the strengthening mechanisms in CoCrFeNiTi HEA coatings. The findings presented in this dissertation serve as a valuable reference for controlling the microstructure, phase composition, and elemental distribution of wear-resistant coatings. This knowledge is instrumental in further improving the mechanical properties, such as hardness and wear resistance, of coatings fabricated by laser DED process.

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wear-resistant coating, laser directed energy deposition, high entropy alloy, metal matrix composites