Scheduling with time window

dc.creatorThongmee, Sansern and Systems Engineeringen_US
dc.description.abstractToday's global environment is clouded with economic stagnation, trade dissension, poUtical uncertainty, and civU unrest. This uncertainty is forcing most corporations to devise critical new strategies in order to survive in a highly competitive environment. Planning an effective corporate strategy in today's global marketplace is central to the success or failure of any business firms, and requires enormous concentration on details of the fundamental products and processes as well as the abihty to consoHdate them. Generally, all products and processes upon which a business firm depends must be understood in every detail before an effective and efficient strategy can be designed. To accomplish this task, the commitment of the entire firm is as important as the avaUabUity of resources. However, most organizations are not willing to take any chances in changing their everyday practice, which may no longer be suitable under the current environment, until crises have arrived. As pinpointed in the National Research Council (NRC) report (1991), the expected flexibility and/or productivity in an organization will not be acheived by only implementing the advanced manufacturing technology. Appropriated changes must be made in the organization and its information systems and resources to acheive the anticipated performances.
dc.publisherTexas Tech Universityen_US
dc.subjectProduction schedulingen_US
dc.subjectProduction functionsen_US
dc.titleScheduling with time window
dc.typeDissertation and Systems Engineering Engineering and Systems Engineering Tech University


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