GAP chemistry & its applications



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Asymmetric synthesis and catalysis are important tools in chemistry, pharmaceutical and material sciences. Increasingly large numbers of drugs and building blocks of materials show chirality in their structures. Group-assisted-purification (GAP) technology plays an important role in both general organic synthesis and asymmetric chemistry. It involves new achiral and chiral reagents and introduces alternative method of purification and recrystallization. A large amount of organic solvents and silica gels can be avoided by using GAP technology resulting in environmentally friendly work-up. Till now, our group identified different applications of GAP chemistry in asymmetric synthesis and catalysis including the new form of chirality, known as Multi-layer 3D chirality. Sandwich typed organic molecule with multi-layer 3D chirality shows fluorescent and luminescent properties, which could open a new research area in chemical, medicinal, and material science in the future. It could also be a new catalyst besides BINOL/BINAP and others in asymmetric synthesis and catalysis. This thesis has invoved building block molecules to synthesize multi-layer 3D chiral organic compounds and one pot synthesis of N-phosphonyl amide. Besides that, it also demonstrated the synthesis of α-aminomethyl enaminones and α- bromo nitroalkane using GAP chemistry.



GAP Chemistry, Multi-layer 3-D chirality, One pot synthesis of phosphonylamide, Synthesis of α-aminomethyl enaminones