Parental view of inclusion of children with disabilities in the preschool setting



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Texas Tech University


The purpose of this study was to determine parent's of non-disabled preschoolers’ views of inclusion at the preschool level. The questionnaire was developed to address views such as benefits for both the child with disabilities, and their non-disabled peers, disabilities parents feel adversely affect their child’s education and care, the social extent to which parents want their child to interact with a child with disabilities, inclusion's effect on enrollment, and the parent's desire for notification and education about disabilities and inclusion. Parents' responses showed their feelings toward inclusion depended on the disability of the included child, through overall they view inclusion as beneficial. Parents also indicated that they desire for their child, and themselves, to be educated about disabilities.



Mainstreaming in education -- Evaluation, Children with disabilities -- Education (Early childhood), Early childhood education -- Parental participation -- Evaluation