Foundations of calculus for the young advanced student



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This thesis provides explanation of the annotation of W.T. Ingram’s journal article “Foundations of Calculus.” The purpose of this annotation is to provide an inquiry based learning opportunity for young advanced learners. The idea is motivated by the fact that many young learners finish the traditional mathematics courses early and do not find them challenging. If those students could be given an opportunity to take a course, such as Ingram’s, using inquiry based learning, they would discover and develop a sense of ownership in their own learning process. This would encourage a new level of success and advance their skills to continue through mathematics and other fields. This would create independent learners which will not only inspire students at a young age to follow a path of research, but at the very least create an extremely employable individual. Ideally, this opportunity would have to be provided by an alternative education setting. This paper explains what inquiry based learning is, how the annotation was approached, and how to put this opportunity into practice for young advanced learners.



Inquiry-Based Learning, Foundations of Calculus