Furthering Inclusion of Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) in the Johnson Space Center (JSC) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) / SBIR Technology Transfer (STTR) Program



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49th International Conference on Environmental Systems


Two years ago, the authors wrote a paper about MSI outreach and its impact on the Small Business Innovation and Research program. As part of that paper, we stated that we would return to the topic to update our progress on Minority Serving Institution (MSI) inclusion. This paper will provide a brief overview of the STTR program and show the benefits to companies for working with Research Institutions (RIs). This paper will update the efforts and progress JSC has made in working with MSIs through the STTR program. It will highlight several universities, particularly Tribal Colleges, and it will explore the strategies for inclusion. Additionally, the paper will examine some of the obstacles to MSI inclusion such as the large outreach community at JSC.


Doug Goodman, Jacobs, USA
Kathryn Packard, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), USA
James Whittington, Johnson Space Center Engineering, Technology & Science Contract (JCS/JETS)
ICES307: Collaboration, Education Outreach, and Public Engagement
The 49th International Conference on Environmental Systems was held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA on 07 July 2019 through 11 July 2019.


MSI, Tribal College, SBIR, STTR, Outreach, Inclusion