The coverage and portrayal of the Christian Coalition in network news



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Texas Tech University


The Christian Coalition, the nation's preeminent conservative profamily group, has become a powerhouse in RepubHcan poHtics since its founding in 1989. The Christian Coahtion has been active in all levels of politics and has been a common subject of media reports and scrutiny.

The topic of the Christian Coalition's coverage and portrayal in the national news media is important because news organizations across the country are paying much more attention to the Coalitions political involvement and influence.

The research surrounding the Christian Coalition's portrayal in the news media is lacking a content analysis of how the national evening broadcast news portrays the coalition and its members. This research project will focus on the content of Christian Coalition news stories and will include questions about the media coverage of the Christian Coalition. This study will examine the amount and tone of television coverage of the Christian Coalition during time period between Labor Day and Election Day during the 1992 and 1996 presidential elections.



Christian Coalition, Television broadcasting of news, Fundamentalism, Religion and the press, Conservatism