Influence of social media usage on college students’ non-intimate close relationships



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This study was an investigation of whether increased social media usage impacted offline interpersonal relationships of college students with their family and friends. This research consisted of an online study of 404 college students who were eligible to start and finish taking the survey. The concept of this study was the examination of offline relationships that counted as time spent with family and friends— a dimension that was seemingly not significant— and jealousy— a dimension that was seemingly significant. The participants of this study have shown that overall increased social media utilization appeared to have no impact on their time spent with family members and close friends offline. Participants of this study have also shown that overall, social media use did appear to influence relational jealousy of family and friends’ posts that were made via social media. In this instance, the researcher found that the frequency of posting content to social media influenced being jealous of family members and friends’ posts online.



Social media, Non-Intimate Relationships