Shelter for abused children: Ciudad Juarez



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Theory Statement Through the use of color, architecture can invoke specific emotions such as those of calmness and serenity. Abstract "Color and light are major factors in man-made environments; their impact influences human psychological reactions and physiological well-being."^ Color is an element that has been present since the beginning of time. It has always surrounded us: outside in nature, inside habitats, in dress, in paintings, pottery, sculpture, and architecture. It is also present in automobiles, fiimiture, electrical appliances, and tools for work no matter what one's job may be, as well as in our recreational items no matter what one's recreational activity may be. Over the millions of years through which people have evolutionized, so has color. It has gone from merely representing the pigmentation of entities to representing ideas, messages, and functions. Color is now used to express particular moods or feelings, actions, as well as temperature, weight, and position of objects in space relative to an observer fixed at a certain point in space. The objective in this project is to evoke a sense of serenity, freedom, as well as shelter through the use of colors in an already colorful setting. Context and Facility The proposed site is in the city of Juarez, in the state Chihuahua, Mexico, which borders with the city of El Paso, Texas. The location is within the sector of the city known as the Circuito Pronaf This sector is composed of a conglomeration of retail stores, restaurants, schools, and residences. Ciudad Juarez is a city that is constantly growing in population due to the many people that come each year from central and southern Mexico in search of a better job, a new fast paced and exciting lifestyle, or simply just to make it over to the land of opportunity -the United States. Whatever the reason may be for people to come over to the city of Juarez, the fact remains that the population continues to steadily increase, and with this increase in population comes many painful problems. These problems are either economic, physical, mental, or social, or any combination thereof A newly developed shelter for abused children would easily adapt to the city and help alleviate the problem of mental and physical abuse over yoimg children. The facility will provide refuge to approximately 90 children who are victims of abuse, while at the same time providing counseling to both the victims and their perpetrators, in this case their parents. Through the use of color, it would help both victims and society providing the message of care, understanding, protection, and acceptance.



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