A community theater: Las Vegas, New Mexico



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With the inevitable consequences of universalization, distinct regions of culture are becoming harder to identily. Although this loss of individuality affects many different aspects of societal structure, the built environment is perhaps affected the most. Architects are constantly searching for credible ways to relate to the region in which they design Although the process of universalization is beyond the control of any one person, the architect can choose to design in response both to a region's contextual factors and the demands of modernization Responsibility is realized through the incorporation of universal and technological developments and regional contextual features. Due to very little development over the last eighty years, the town of Las Vegas maintains a unique mixture of traditional New Mexican culture and late nineteenth century Anglo influences. This community enjoys a rich cultural heritage, and through the design of a small community theater, I will respond to contextual features while emphasizing universal achievements.



Architecture, Theaters -- Design., Regionalism in architecture., Las Vegas (N.M.)