A place for art: An artists' community in Santa Fe, New Mexico


Theory- Architecture as Place There is a growing need for a place for artists' to work. As many individual artists' are struggling to make a living at what they love, there is no help or support to be gi\ en An Artists' community would do this, it would provide the help and support that is lacking financially or emotionally elsewhere. Context- Santa Fe, New Mexico, located near the museum district and St. John's College in the southeastern part of the city. The context of this region and city are very desirable for artists because of the great demand for art in the city It provides a location for great works with all of the beautiful vistas and histon and overall this city is very adapt to this kind of community and would be welcomed Facility- An Artists' Community located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Ihe community will provide a place for artists' from different fields and backgrounds to live and work together in one central location in Santa Fe a place to work and develop their respective craft.



Artist colonies -- Design and construction