The life and work of Robert Russel Bennett



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Texas Tech University


Robert Russell Bennett (1894-1981) was the foremost orchestrator of Broadway musicals from 1922 until about 1970, arranging the music for the great majority of the most successful works in that art form. In addition, he composed original music for a variety of genres including operas, symphonies, concerti, chamber music, choral music, band music, music for solo piano, and songs. He also wrote a significant amount of music for radio, television, and motion pictures.

Based on Bennett's unpublished memoirs, this study documents the events of his personal and professional life, providing insight into contemporary critical attitudes toward his work. The study establishes a body of basic information from which future scholarship may bring forth more detailed knowledge of each of Bennett's many fields of endeavor.

Included in this study is a catalogue of Bennett's original compositions, including all known information regarding title, medium, date of composition, premiere performance, publisher, and location of manuscript.



Composers -- United States -- Biography, Bennett, Robert Russell, 1894-1981