A Global Displacement of Small-Scale Fishers: Three Antenarratives for UN Ocean Policy




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Small-scale fishers have comprised nearly all capture fishery jobs, have brought known benefits to ocean biodiversity management, and, until recently, small-scale fishers have provided humanity with the large majority of its seafood. Despite the well-documented biodiversity benefits of small-scale fishers and the important global nutrition economies that they have driven, small-scale fishers have been intensely displaced by UN Ocean Policy. Following research practitioners in the field of Technical Communication and Rhetoric, in this dissertation, I have applied adapted antenarrative research methodologies to analyze, to articulate, and to reveal the catastrophic impacts to human nutrition and to biodiversity that have resulted from Ocean Policy displacement of small-scale fishers, as well as to methodologically project the intensification of these problems. Furthermore, following field epistemologies for humanistic, action-oriented research, I have applied the conclusions of research to present a multi-media, action-oriented project intended to provide solutions to the social/environmental problems that have been articulated through an antenarrative research process. As a result, this multi-media plan derived through field methodologies has provided a pathway for going beyond the antenarrative research framework, as called for in antenarrative methodologies.



small-scale fisher, New Materialism, United Nations, ocean policy, climate change