Geology of the Thermal Water Area and Deposits North of Dubois, Wyoming



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Texas Tech University


The Wind River Mountains are made up of a core of pre-Cambrian granodiorites and are in the form of a large anticline. The northeast flank is a dip slope wit h sediments ranging from Cambrian through Pleistocene with the Silurian missing.

A series of anticlinal domes parallels the range on the east side seven miles from the foot of the Paleozoic dip slope. These domes probably extend northward in the basin, but are there covered,

The main uplift and folding came at the close of the Mesozoic. Uplift and faulting were re-initiated in the late Tertiary and Quaternary.

The thermal water deposits are located in a belt running northwest from Dubois, Wyoming, paralleling the flank of the mountains.



Geology, Springs -- Wyoming, Geology -- Wyoming, Stratigraphic -- Precambrian