Training college female roommate pairs in problem solving skills



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Texas Tech University


The purpose of the present study was to implement and evaluate the effects of a structured educational program designed to train roommate pairs in problem solving skills. Eighteen female roommate pairs participated in an eightweek, 24-hour problem solving skills training program (experimental group) while 17 similar roommate pairs received no training (no-contact control group). Results indicated that the experimental group, in contrast to the control group, showed significant increases in: (a) problem solving skill level, (b) satisfaction with their ability to resolve conflicts, and (c) their perception of campus as congenial, group-oriented, friendly and cohesive. Discussion centered on the implications of this research for future problem solving programs with roommates as well as on the possible effects of this program on roommate satisfaction, campus satisfaction, student retention, and roommate retention.



Women college students, Problem solving, Interpersonal relations