Apprenticeship Pilgrims and the Acquisition of Legitimacy



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This research explores strategies used by non-Brazilian capoeiristas (practitioners of an Afro-Brazilian martial art) to claim legitimacy on the home turf of Brazilian capoeiristas. These individuals travel to Brazil because of their extreme commitment to the art and because travel is one way they can combat charges of illegitimacy stemming from their foreign status. Apprenticeship pilgrimage is the practice of traveling to the source to become an apprentice to a local master. Apprenticeship pilgrimage is seen in a variety of arts and sports that are now consumable on the global market. In the case of non-Brazilian capoeiristas who rely upon local practitioners to validate their legitimacy, apprenticeship pilgrimage often involves the translation of cultural capital into opportunities for apprenticeship.



Capoeira, Authenticity, Pilgrimages, Sports tourism, Apprenticeship programs


Griffith, L. M. (2013). Apprenticeship pilgrims and the acquisition of legitimacy. Journal of Sport & Tourism, 18(1), 1-15.