SARM: A computer graphics simulator for generic robot manipulators



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Robotics research often places demands on an actual robot beyond what can safely be carried out. The versatility of a graphics simulator transcends the limitations of a physical system, offering a viable alternative test-bed for unbridled experimentation. Such a simulator requires immense computing power for its implementation. The advent of the graphics workstation makes the once-out-of-reach. immense computing power accessible~ providing a good platform for just such an endeavor. Taking advantage of the workstation ~s availability and its power~ the author developed a graphics robot simulator (SARM) with visual realism, high resolution and sufficiently realistic animation. SARM~ capable of simulating the kinematics of an actual robot~ provides a versatile tool for robotics research in the area of motion control, trajectory formation, and robot learning through pseudo-sensory data. Developed on a SUN SPARCstation 1 under X Window System (Xll R4), SARM allows its user to observe a robot model in action through a virtual camera.



Robots -- Motion -- Computer simulation, Robotics -- Computer programs