Third graders' responses to different problem types



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The purpose of this action research study was to gather research about mathematics problems and questions and the responses that students provided. I also wanted to determine how my teaching methods and mathematical understanding influenced student responses. Reflecting on my actions will aid in my growth as a teacher as to how to better assist my students in learning the material in the mathematics curriculum. The analysis of the research data showed areas of improvement that needed to be addressed to better help students acquire an understanding of fractions and in basic problems solving skills. The gaps in student knowledge became obvious through the analysis of student work and their answers to the various assessment questions that were given. I was able to identify underlying issues that existed with student understanding including fraction terminology, equivalent fractions the concept of a fraction being part of a set of objects, visual representations of fractions, and in forming explanations of fraction concepts.



Fractions, Problem criteria, 3rd grade, Mathematics, Problem solving, Equivalent fractions, Comparing fractions