A cinema for Lubbock, TX


Thesis Statement Architecture is a music simile perceived via the transformation power of illumination and the articulation of the spaces, form, surface and the structure. Architecture encompasses the spatial and temporal dimensions found in music. Music divides time into rhythm. When rhythm is combined with a music's pitch a melody is created. It is this same rhythm that allows one to create proportion in architectural space. The material qualities of music-pitch, timbre or quality of tone, and volume create the spatial dimension by taking up space with shapes and positions in space. Volume and orientation in architecture are the equivalent to the pitch range in music. One can employ these qualities to create volumetric gathering spaces and circulation spaces in the architecture. The timbre or quality of tone in architecture can be seized by using natural and artificial light. The marmer in which light illuminates the forms and surfaces emphasizes the shape of the structure, defines the volume of the space, and strengthens the texture, color, and pattern of the envelope or facade. In music, the temporal quality consists of the conditions of attack and decay. Attack is the gradual ascending of a tone. While decay is the gradual descending of a tone back to silence. These conditions can be captured in architecture by using cadence or the repetition of elements such as the column, planes, and frames. When these elements are articulated or joined by a datum the composition becomes architecture. Context In order for architecture to become a contributor to society and its culture, the architecture will be situated in the innercity, within a ten-minute walking distance from other attractions; a context that allows roof lines to visually create an avenue that leads the eyes towards the facades and creates visual impact so that visitors may experience the architecture even before the point of arrival. Facility The facility type will be a cinema theater comprised of four movie screens vsath a total seating capacity of 1200 people. The cinema will provide 35mm film presentation.



Architecture, Motion picture theaters -- Designs and plans.