Transdisciplinary Methodology for Refugee Resettlement Process



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This paper’s primary goal is to present a novel transdisciplinary (TD) methodology for the resettlement of refugees. Numerous factors, such as budgetary and cost concerns, federal law and policy, administrative difficulties, security screening protocols, education and training, housing and health, crime rate, socioeconomic issues, and many more, can be considered that influence the refugee resettlement process. Refugee resettlement is a complex matter with numerous factors to consider. Using the Interactive Col lective Intel ligent Management (ICIM) Workshop, the working group developed transdisciplinary col lective intel ligence to investigate the issue. The Nominal Group Technique (NGT) was used to develop and clarify a list of issues about the complex issue through the survey. A condensed example of refugee resettlement that has ten TD solutions and six complex issue chal lenges created with ICIM. Using TD integrated tools, TD solutions to create effective administrative processes that wil l significantly affect the chal lenging issues associated with refugee resettlement have been examined.


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complexity of refugee resettlement, Integrated TD tools, refugee resettlement, Transdisciplinary


Ertas, A., & Tate, D.. 2024. Transdisciplinary Methodology for Refugee Resettlement Process. Transdisciplinary Journal of Engineering and Science, 15.