Oxygen thermal donor formation in Cz-silicon



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Texas Tech University


Deep level transient spectroscopy has been used to study the kinetics of oxygen in Czochralski (CZ) grown silicon as a function of annealing time at 450°C. Specifically, the concentrations of the E^ - 0.15 eV and the E^ - 0.07 eV thermal donors have been analyzed. Changes in the energy levels of the thermal donors as a function of anneal time has also been observed. This may be due to previously unknown formative abilities of the thermal donor complex as oxygen atoms accrete to the thermal donor core. Investigations also reveal that these two thermal donors' concentrations grow at different rates. AIso, the concentration of the E(0.15) thermal donor is consistently greater than or equal to the concentration of the E(0.07) thermal donor. However, total thermal donor concentrations are still consistent with previous data obtained by C-V me as ureme nt s.



Silicon-on-insulator technology, Annealing of crystals, Silicon -- Thermal properties, Semiconductors -- Defects