The relationship between attachment style, perceived partner support, and anxiety for individuals in committed relationships



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Mental health is a broad subject, and when individuals experience problems in this area, they may experience symptoms of mental health disorders, such as an anxiety disorder. Anxiety-related symptoms potentially are influenced by factors such as, attachment or relational support (Collins & Feeney, 2000) Perceived support differs from what the speaker says and how it is interpreted by the receiver, which influences how supported an individual is cared for in a relationship (Porter & Chambless, 2017). Attachment influences interactions from childhood up into adulthood (Bowlby, 1969). This study will explore perceived partner support as both a mediator and moderator for the relationship between anxious and avoidant attachment styles and symptoms of anxiety. To investigate these relationships, individuals in committed relationships (N = 306) were surveyed. Although the moderating model was not found to be statistically significant, there was partial mediation and the direct effects of the variables were found to be significant. Implications for the differences between the proposed and observed models are discussed.



Anxiety, Attachment, Perceived partner support