Integrative and Distributive Bargaining


The distinction between integrative and distributive negotiation is one of the baseline innovations of our field’s modern development. Any number of other concepts simply cannot be understood until its lessons have been absorbed. Here, the author walks the reader through the all-important basics of this key element of understanding of negotiation: why “creating value” and claiming it represent competing goals; how these relate to the negotiator’s personality; how they affect the process as it unfolds – and how, in the end and despite obstacles, they must be integrated, if a good result is to be reached.



Negotiation, Dispute resolution, Conflict resolution, Integrative bargaining, Distributive bargaining, Creating value


Rishi Batra, Integrative and Distributive Bargaining, 33 (The NDR: The Negotiator’s Desk Reference vol.1, Chris Honeyman and Andrea Kupfer Schneider eds.,2017).