Design optimization of transformers of high-efficiency switching power supplies

dc.creatorPotluri, Srikanth
dc.description.abstractConventional transformers designed for normal line frequencies will not be any good for high frequencies in the order of tens of kilohertz, which are the most common operating frequencies for high-efficiency switching power supplies. Designs of these high- frequency switch-mode transformers need special care regarding the size of wire, core, type of core material, operating flux density, etc. The problem statement can be redefined as obtaining the highest possible fficiency using the smallest possible core. It is known fact that as the operating frequency increases, the size of magnetic components decreases which enables us to design compact applications. Skin effect and proximity effects can cause serious effects by increasing the AC resistance of the wire in the order of tens to hundreds in magnitude, in a poorly designed high-frequency transformer. Design optimization of high-frequency, high-efficiency transformers considering skin and proximity effects is being discussed in this thesis. The applications of this include design of high efficiency DC/DC switching power supplies, design of high frequency power electronic applications, etc. We can extend this work to high-frequency magnetic components design such as inductors, which are the major components in power electronics. The Visual Basic application developed can be used for future designs.
dc.publisherTexas Tech Universityen_US
dc.subjectElectric transformersen_US
dc.subjectSwitching power suppliesen_US
dc.titleDesign optimization of transformers of high-efficiency switching power supplies
dc.typeThesis Engineering Tech University


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