Characterization of young bulls in a cooperative seedstock program for marketing and mating decisions



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Texas Tech University


There are two main sections that are targeted towards seedstock and commercial beef producers within this thesis. The first, entitled "Characterization of Young Bulls in a Cooperative Seedstock Program for Marketing and Mating Decisions," addresses the selection criteria used by commercial buyers at yearling bull sales and determines their effects on yearling Gelbvieh, Angus and Red Angus bull prices. The second, "Development of a Computer-based Sire Selection Program for Beef Producers and for undergraduate Beef Production Students," is a description of a current development of a new breeding tool related to sire selection. Although two separate entities, the two subjects are very similar. Development of the computer-based program began early in the Master's program and will continue to be modified until its completion, while the customer selection criteria analysis began towards the end of the Master's program. Both are examples of extended efforts that can be made by those within the seedstock industry to better meet the needs of the commercial customer. The two sections can be viewed as steps that a seedstock supplier can take in an effort to expand their customer base. Step one, analyzing the selection criteria of the customer, is an effort to identify and better understand the personal markets and production preferences that are associated with each producer. Once these markets and preferences are identified, step tw o, the computerbased sire recommendation program, could be viewed as the final step in an effort to adapt and provide a total service commitment to customers by reducing the risk associated with sire selection decisions.



Cattle, Bulls