Scalable systems engineering ontology for small and medium enterprise (SME) research organizations



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Systems engineering is clearly a multi-faceted knowledge base system that spans multiple disciplines, and requires the intellectual application of academic and professional regimen that has the responsibility of delivering complex projects that satisfy stakeholder life-cycle requirements. The responsibility of implementing effective systems engineering practices belongs to engineering and project management who are required to apply selective criteria in making risk informed, cost efficient, performance based decisions regarding the extent to which each project may require a systems engineering approach. Typically, engineering and project management look to international standards, industry recommended practices, or organizational guidelines to assist in the decision making process in order to appropriately “tailor” to the systems engineering scope. Unfortunately, there is limited information presented in the commonly used standards which forces engineering management to rely on personal and organizational experience rather than relying on a “systems thinking” decision making knowledge based process. This research develops a technically defendable process to assist systems engineering and project management in the forecasting and control of project resources through the use of a scalable systems engineering ontology for use within the science and technology community in the design and development of unprecedented systems.



Systems engineering, Ontology